Reinventing the Student Information Management System

Oct 10, 2013
Ishan Ahuja

Traditional student information systems are notorious for being complicated, tedious to use, requiring a lot of training, and are only used because one is required to use them. But it needn’t be that way. We were conscious of this while creating our Student Information Management app, and wanted to create an app that was as far from this stereotype as possible, while still being extremely effective.

Presenting, Citizens.

Citizens Front Page

People-centric design

Citizens eschews traditional table layouts, and puts people’s faces and bios front and centre, making the personalities of the people in your community stand out. You are greeted with a collage of smiling faces as you and your staff log into Citizens to start with your daily tasks.

Lightning Fast

Going from intention to action could not be any faster. As soon as the app opens, start typing a student’s name or ID, and Citizens starts filtering out students, leaving you with just the students who match your criteria. Students with the same names are easily distinguished by looking at their photos, or by quickly glancing and comparing their year of passing or stream. Phone numbers and email addresses are also shown while filtering so that there is no extra effort required to get a student’s contact information.

Citizens Search Results

Intelligent Indicators

Citizens currently gives you access to a student’s Learning Profile and their Administrative Profile (with more profiles to follow). The buttons that you click to access these profiles aren’t just plain-Jane buttons – they convey what information is contained in the profile. At one glance, you can notice which students need urgent attention in either attendance or evaluations; or which students have yet to complete their administrative checklist. You have to see it to believe how simple this is!

For Those Who Need Extra Attention

You can flag any student who requires attention because they may be under-performing, or perhaps because they’ve not yet paid the fees. You can quickly filter out to the list of flagged students just by clicking a button.

We’ve included a lot of little details that will prove essential in everyday use. Not a single detail has escaped our scrutiny and we believe that we have achieved our goal of making Citizens the very best way to manage processes and the information you have on your students.