Education today has its roots in the Industrialization era, when most of the structure as we see it today came into place – classrooms, rigid learning paths, the dominance of the teacher-teaches-many model and the measuring of progress based on memory instead of critical thinking. The state of our world today poses new needs and challenges to our education systems and fortunately, the technology is in place to facilitate a solution. We need to liberate learning from the structures around it so that critical, independent thinking and self awareness has a chance. Moreover, students and communities need to have these deep experiences together, in close collaboration, for the discovery of empathy and the limitations of perspective.

Curiosity’s learning and collaboration tools are all about facilitating face to face human experiences, and discovering un-structured, serendipitous learning opportunities within the community in a school or college. It was built out of a rethink on our education system and the structures around it. Once implemented, these products help learners to do many things, both inside and outside the classroom – from using Curiosity to improve focus, manage time better and subscribe to many more opportunities, to having a bigger picture of everything that’s happening at your institution. From posing questions to each other whenever curiosity strikes to organizing and participating in activities that interest them. From meeting and engaging with people they would never have otherwise engaged with, to learning new skills and teaching old ones to others. From reading up and researching beyond the recommended course-ware to seeking help to do things that they find difficult to do on their own. To helping others with their own quests, considering new ideas from around the world everyday, thinking from different perspectives, questioning everything, and discovering empathy.

As we go ahead into the 21st century, evolution will transpire faster in each individual mind, than in our bodies. We can already see it happen around us – our children are smarter, faster and more curious than we were. How they decide to think about themselves, and each other, will have a major role to play in our progress as a species. Our vision is thus, a 21st century enlightenment. A happy, wise world where we have honest empathy for each other.