What makes Curiosity effective?

Imagine the languish of an administrator seeing an expensive technology product purchased and then lying unused at her organization. This is the stark reality at many institutions today, where expensive ERP systems, due to their complicated and heavy nature are left unused by staff and students. Curiosity was built to address the root-causes of this phenomenon.

When building Curiosity, we researched the various processes that needed automation, and chose the simplest solution that would cover 99% of them. Many systems fail because they try to automate 100% of the processes, leading to complicated systems that suffer from feature-bloat. Curiosity has been built to cut the right balance – she automates most of your work, and leaves a carefully chosen 1% to the human brain and for face-to-face human interactions. After all, people come in to work everyday to know that they have made a difference – if they only interacted with a computer, how often will they get a warm smile in return for their efforts? 

Been hearing a lot about ERP Systems, LMSes, Flipped Classrooms and the Cloud? Don’t let all this technical jargon confuse you into paying money for what you don’t need. Every organization is unique. A one size fits all, or a do everything strategy is bound to fail during implementation. For the same reason, we study your organization thoroughly before suggesting the applications and customizations you need. The products and customizations we finally recommend will truly make a difference to you. 

Purchasing a new product means nothing if your staff and students don’t start using it. We have a helpdesk to take care of queries from faculty, students, administrators and even parents. Short and engaging training presentations. One-on-one remote desktop assistance. A dedicated account manager. Nonetheless, at the end of the day, our greatest tool for implementing change is simplicity. Curiosity products are as easy to use as they can get. They are built to add delight to one’s otherwise mundane work. Change implementation is built into our product. 

When you use Curiosity, you will notice that you are able to go from screen to screen with no delay! We have used the latest design and development frameworks to create fluid, super speedy web applications that seem like they are running on your desktop. Broken internet connections are handled intelligently, and tasks can be performed quickly even on low bandwidth connections! This fluidity and simplicity is part of the reason why our products are like none other. Once you use a computer programme that can keep up with your thoughts, there really is no turning back.