The applications below are an alliance between technology, the humanities, and learning that makes perfect sense for the needs of a 21st century educator. They will help you lower the time and complexity of administration, while giving the members of your campus better opportunities to learn and progress in their careers. Curiosity is modular, so you can choose any combination of applications below to get started.


Powerful information management system with modules for managing admissions, people, processes, payments, reporting and courses.


A simple to use attendance & evaluations management system that uses charts and graphs to track performance of each student and entire classes.


Live management dashboard for the leadership to track important performance, demographic, social, business and learning statistics regarding the institute.


Serve parents with their children’s attendance, evaluations, notices and events. It also allows them to participate in The Library and The Banyan Tree.

The Library

Collaborative knowledge-base. Supports courseware, interesting links and research under each subject. Built to help your citizens learn new things everyday.


An online notices and events board. Supports both official and community posts. Reminds citizens about important due dates and upcoming events.

The Banyan Tree

Q&A forum for the community with tools like votes, subjects, polls, points and comments. Showcase work, ask questions, find collaborators, or run an opinion poll.


Resume Manager

Automate the collection of resume data from all your students and send uniformly generated, institute-branded PDF resumes to recruiters. Streamline placements today!

Industry leading User Engagement

86% of our students, faculty members & administrators sign in and use Curiosity applications atleast once every day. What makes Curiosity so effective?