Record attendance and evaluations easily and track it with beautiful charts and visualizations.

Are you running an institute where recording attendance and evaluations is a mandatory activity? Do you feel that it is tedious, time consuming, and that the information collected is difficult to parse into reports?

Tracking attendance is super simple
Track is modeled on the simple attendance sheet that has been used widely for many years – your teachers and staff members will feel right at home when they use it. The attendance information that is collected from each classroom is stored centrally and students can use their Curiosity accounts to view their attendance history using beautiful charts.

Tracking evaluations is super simple
Every teacher can use a set of Evaluation Methods that are allowed at the institute to create an evaluation plan for her subject. She can then attach weightages to each method. When she starts recording test scores, a computed performance score is calculated for each student based on the weightage she gave each method of evaluation.

100% Transparency
The moment an administrator or teacher updates Track with new information, it is available to your students for scrutiny. You’ll immediately see the difference – they won’t be barraged anymore with anxious calls from parents, nor will the office be overcrowded by students questioning minute details of their performance data. This ensures 100% transparency at all times and more importantly, reduces the time spent on administration by your staff – time that they can then spend teaching their students.

Comprehensive and Customizable Reports
Want an Excel report on all the students falling below 75% average attendance? A report on each teacher’s attendance? No problem. A subject-wise evaluations report for a particular student? Simple. Our operations team will customize reports depending on your specific requirements. Once a specific report has been customized for you, every updated report is just a click away.

Beautiful visuals to make sense of the data collected
Why stick to plain-jane tables to display performance data when you can show them graphically? Track uses easy to read charts and graphs to present data.

Track with any frequency
Daily, weekly, or randomly.. the frequency with which you record attendance or evaluations is upto you.

Track for different subjects
Track provides information on average attendance across all subjects, subject-wise attendance and subject-wise evaluations.

Save time with negative attendance marking
You only need to mark the students who have not attended a particular class. This saves a lot of time as compared to an attendance sheet.

Mark Excused Absences
Track comes with a provision to mark medical, sports and other excused absences. These numbers are shown separately to students for each subject.

Evaluate students creatively
Teachers can create an evaluation plan for their subject by using weighted combinations of evaluation methods like Group Discussions, Vivas, Written Tests, Projects, Computer Based Tests, and Panels.

Quickly understand progress
A computed score is calculated for each student out of 100 which can be tracked constantly to understand progress under each subject.

Integrates with Angels
Track data can be shown to parents and mentors who have an interest in the child’s growth.

Did you know?

Have your staff coordinators been complaining about the workload associated with feeding in attendance records from printed attendance sheets? With Track, you can allow your faculty members to record attendance directly into Curiosity in their classrooms. This ensures that your attendance tracking is distributed, live, transparent and efficient. Recording attendance via Track is super quick and easy, ensuring that your teachers enjoy the process and get to teaching as soon as possible. Better yet, imagine all the trees you save!