The Library

The Library makes it possible to share learning material and interesting things from across the internet.

Upload notes, presentations and other files
Ever had your students ask you for your presentations and notes after class? Using The Library, you can upload them under your subject and make them accessible to your students. Better yet, if you choose to, you can give access to The Library to parents, alumni members and even administrative staff at your institute – anybody can contribute by sharing things they find interesting under a particular course!
Chronological Feed
The Library presents uploads in a chronologically ordered way – the latest shares and uploads come on top. This ensures that old material becomes less relevant automatically, giving your users new things to read and consume everyday. Older items can still be found via search.
Filter by Genre
Find everything posted under a certain course by all the students, faculty members, and even parents or alumni, if you choose to allow them to. Answer questions like “What are the top articles in Contemporary Art 101” or “What material can I go through to better understand what is currently being taught in class“.

Filter by Curator
Find all the materials and links shared by a particular curator at the institute. Answers questions like “What are the topics that Sophie finds interesting?

Did you know?

When a member of Curiosity signs into The Library, they first see a feed of uploads and shares from across all the courses in the institute.
This simple tweak ensures that they have the opportunity to be curious about topics they otherwise wouldn’t have, which will enhance their creative thinking skills.