The Banyan Tree

The Banyan Tree is an academic forum where questions can be posed to the entire community.
This app has been built to engage students continuously, and make learning a fun, interactive process with their peers.

Every curiosity starts with a question! It is fun and engaging to find answers with help and pointers from other learners. A professor can facilitate discussions or use polls to collect opinions and take a back seat while his students learn from each other. Students can pose their curiosities to the entire community at your campus – peers, parents, faculty, staff and alumni. Any member can provide an answer to a question, or comment and vote on other answers. Imagine the various perspectives your learners would get and the things everybody could learn from each other!
Use polls and other tools to create an engaging discussion
Using a poll is an easy way to know the collective opinion of a class or the entire campus. Craft a poll question, add the possible responses to it, and you are ready to go. Polls can also have a discussion around with it, so faculty members can use it creatively to start a new topic in the classroom. Need to add a picture to explain your question better? Link to a video or attach a PDF? No problem. Go ahead and craft your questions imaginatively.
Tag questions under various courses
Members can tag upto 3 courses under a question they are posing. This ensures a database of peer driven questions and answers that keep evolving under each of your courses. As your database grows, you can use this to spot emerging cross connections between different courses – for example, questions tagged under Sustainable Design and Manufacturing are sure to be useful for the engineers of the future.
Collect your curiosities
Spot a question posed by another member that you are really Curious about? Mark it as a Curiosity, and you will get updates as and when members provide responses under it. You can also see a list of all your Curiosities in one place, and the activity in each one.
Email Updates
The members of your campus get alerts whenever a new question is posed at The Banyan Tree. Alternatively, they can subscribe to updates on a particular question and receive emails as and when they happen. A daily or weekly digest of all the activity at The Banyan Tree is also available.

The Banyan Tree is fun!

From asking a question to marking a curiosity, to commenting on an answer, every action on The Banyan Tree comes with specific Curiosity points. Thus, every member has a Curiosity score that they can track. The top ten scorers at a campus have a leaderboard which showcases the questions they have asked and the insights they have provided to the community. Moreover, funny and quirky badges can be unlocked as and when learners perform particular actions. The Banyan Tree provides an addictive and engaging learning experience!