The Amphitheatre

The Amphitheatre has been built to facilitate rock solid communication at your campus.

Often, students miss important announcements and deadlines because of improper communication. The Amphitheatre is a simple app where announcements can be posted, reminders can be set. It is an evolution of the common notice board, and it brings forth certain improvements that ensures that every member of your campus knows about everything they need to know about.
Official Announcements
The Amphitheatre divides announcements into two types. Official communication comes from administrative staff, faculty members and are important announcements that should not be missed. Only members who have been given explicit permission to post official announcements can do so. Official posts are given more importance and visibility.
Community Announcements
Community announcements can be made by any member of your campus. This can be about any topic – study groups, classifieds, a get together of the environment club, a game of football, an auditions for band members, carpooling, book sharing, tutoring etc. Community announcements are a great way for your campus members to reach out to each other.
Every announcement at The Amphitheatre can have a reminder set on it. Using this feature, you can get Curiosity to remind your members about important deadlines and upcoming events.