Take a Glance

Mar 28, 2013
Ishan Ahuja

Glance Update

With Curiosity we have made it trivial to record Attendance and Evaluations for students, and have them immediately accessible to students and their parents, guardians, and mentors (Angels, as we lovingly address them). We also use this information in Intelligence to help the heads of institutions stay abreast with how their institute is performing.

However, sometimes it is useful to know how an individual student is doing – not in the context of a group, but just by themselves. That’s where Glance comes in. With Glance, it is possible to view a student’s information, including the Attendance and Evaluations that have been recorded for them. We use the same beautiful and information rich views that students see on their Me page.

Using Glance is very easy. As you start typing out a student’s name or ID (or PRN), Glance will immediately offer you a filtered list of students to choose from, complete with their photograph and their year of passing, to make sure you’re about to Glance the right student.

This app is available to the heads of institutes and coordinators, under the Apps menu in Curiosity. Happy Glancing!