Simpler Evaluations Reporting

Mar 18, 2013
Ishan Ahuja

New Evaluations Screen

We have dramatically simplified how we report Evaluation scores in Curiosity, and the new system immediately and intuitively makes sense. Instead of showing all the details possible about an Evaluation Method, we show only the information that matters:

  • the learner’s score
  • the total achievable score
  • the number of evaluations held

To be even more transparent, we’ve added an explanation for every Evaluation Method, detailing how the score was arrived at, and what scaling (if any) was performed.

Additionally, we no longer include Evaluation Methods with no evaluations in our calculations. This means that if Externals haven’t been held yet, and a student has scored 35 out of 40 in their Internals, we show the score as 35 out of 40 and not as 35%. This is a more realistic and useful way to report scores than by showing scores for evaluations that have not been held as 0 out of the total.

These changes, in combination, make for a very robust Evaluation recording and reporting solution. Learners may now spend less time understanding how a score was arrived at, and more time on finding avenues for self-improvement.