Resume Manager

Collect resume information from all your students, manage their resume data, and create beautifully branded resumes.

Your Placement Cell would often have to send Resumes out to recruiters. The collection and management of these resumes is usually fraught with many problems that the Resume Manager fixes.
  1. Students often send incomplete resumes, or badly prepared resumes.
  2. Your Institute’s branding is missing.
  3. Formatting and design used by each student varies.
  4. Your students may send their resumes in various file formats.
  5. Managing different resume versions sent by a student is a hassle.
  6. Resumes are spread across many computers used by your placement cell.

Unique Resume Template for your Institute

Send out visually appealing, branded resumes that get you and your students noticed from the crowd!
While the Resume Manager comes with a free resume template, you may choose to have our professional designers work with you to prepare a unique template just for your institute. Purchase the Resume Manager before 29th February 2014 and get this service free of cost!