Our Work Culture

We think structured education as it is today does more damage than good, and that there are so many better ways to channel what we are all born with – natural curiosity, desire and creativity. Think about this – when was the last time you had a passionate learning experience? Was it at your school or college?

Teemac is focused on improving the quality of education at brick and mortar institutes around India with strategic consulting, easy to use technology products and training services. We help them usher in new ways of educating suited to the unique needs of the 21st century.

If you have an intense desire to change the world into what you imagine it could be, love to solve big problems, the startup culture, learning experiments, and a healthy life, you will love working at Teemac. You will spend a lot of time critically thinking about problems, going deep into the how and if they need fixing, sizing up the opportunities afforded by the internet and auxiliary technology, peering into mass and individual psychology, sharing your passions and learning from your team mates. Skill, jugaad, and a eye for detail will get you far.

The Temple
Our studio, lovingly called The Temple, but designed like a war-room, is open, has no barriers, and comes with a lot of greenery to keep you company. We have a digital jukebox and a set of awesome speakers that you are encouraged to take over. Every member has pantry allowances to pick up their favorite coffee and munchies. All of us leave our footwear at the entrance and walk around barefoot.
Worktimings and Location Flexibility
Work timings are flexible, but you get monetary incentives for waking up and wishing everybody a “Good Morning” at 8:30am on Asana. We incentivise starting at 8:30am because waking up with the sun seemed to keep everyone healthier and more creative. 6pm is when work officially gets over. Members are free to work from wherever they want as long as there are no team meetings scheduled and objectives are met on time.
Wingwomen and Wingmen
Every member at Teemac is assigned a wing – a peer who acts as a shiny mirror by asking you difficult questions that other people might not. A wing’s responsibility is to facilitate reflection and help you grow holistically with the company.
Healthy Habits Incentives Programme
Members who cultivate healthy habits can earn upto 30% more pay in a month with our healthy habits incentives programme. Some examples are incentives for waking up early in the morning, taking part in sports and fitness activities 4 times a week, bicycling to work, writing, teaching etc.
Play Hard
We love attending every concert that comes to town and appreciating great music. You also get to enjoy frequent company sponsored dine-outs with your team. A fan of networked computer gaming? The entire team often plays Counter Strike or Unreal Tournament after work hours.
Keep Learning
Company sponsored tickets to conferences, and seminars are common. We have a well stocked library at Teemac. If you are looking to buy a new book, go ahead, its on us. You can also avail of training in a musical instrument of your choice.
Stay Healthy
We incentivize members who take care of their health by giving free subscriptions to the best gymnasium in the area. Training in tennis is also available. Many members also play football frequently.
Pet Friendly
Pets are welcome as long as they are trained.

Benefits of a tight, lean team.
Teemac is an honest and transparent organization. The team is intentionally kept lithe. Members are added after assessing both skills and intention. Conversations come from the heart. Every morning is full of warm smiles. Fear, egos and politics have no place while working towards a cause greater than ourselves.
If you want to make someone else’s life better with your skills – you will find purpose at Teemac.