The Intelligence app crunches a whole host of data live, to deliver a comprehensive dashboard of actionable information for the leadership.

Big Data, Crisp Intelligence
As an administrator, information is critical to your decision making. Intelligence crunches all the data collected from across Curiosity – enrolments, payments, student attendance, evaluations, demographics etc and converts them into meaningful intelligence cards that you can use for decision making. For example, in one glance, you would be able to find an answer to the question “which city do most of my students hail from?”
Drill Down into the Data
Each intelligence card comes with a data drill down view which you can use to find more details about how a particular conclusion was made. In the above example, using the data drill down, you would be able to find out a list of all the cities that your students hail from, and the number of students from each city.
Updates Live
Each inference card updates live, so you have the most recent information anytime you look at them.
Leadership’s Overview
You can customize a Leadership’s Overview for yourself which gives you access to the intelligence cards that you find most useful.
Complex Customizations as you wish!
Need to track the result of a complex performance grading algorithm that you use only at your institute? Our operations team will create an Intelligence card just for you and add it to your copy of Intelligence.

Questions you can answer at a Glance

How many candidates were invited for admission?
How many of those invited, converted and started the enrollment process?
How many of those have paid for a seat in full?
How many of those have completed the eligibility checks?
How many of those have filled up the final application form?
How many of those applications have I given the final approval for?
How much fees have I collected across the various payment categories?
How many candidates who started the process, cancelled their enrollment?
How many candidates have I flagged for some future action?
Who was the last processed candidate?
Which was the staff member who last processed a candidate and when?
Attendance and Evaluations
Who are the top scorers at my institute?
How many students perform well in their evaluations?
How many students need help based on their evaluations?
What is the average attendance at my institute?
What is the average performance of the students at my institute?
Which is my most attended class and who is the faculty member?
Which is my least attended class and who is the faculty member?
Which is my best performing class and who is the faculty member?
Which is my least performing class and who is the faculty member?
How many excused absences (medical/sports etc) were granted?
Is there control on how many excused absences are granted to each student?
How many classes are falling short of the minimum required attendance?
How many students are falling short of the minimum required attendance?
Which is the most popular subject in The Library?
Who are the most active contributors to The Library?
What was the most recent contribution to The Library?
What types of uploads or shares are my members doing?
How many items have been shared at The Library sofar?
Social and Demographics
Which is the latest conversation started by a Parent at the forum?
How many of those conversations have not had a reply from my staff?
From which country do most of my students come from?
From which city do most of the students come from?
What is the age range at my Institute?
Which students, parents, faculty, and staff were recently online?
How many parents have registered Curiosity accounts?
Who all in my campus have Birthdays today?
How many users signed into Curiosity in the last 24 hours?