Mar 27, 2013
Ishan Ahuja

Wouldn’t it be nice if it was possible for us to make informed decisions more often, backed by easy access to a plethora of useful information? To avert potential problems even before they fully materialize?

I’m pleased to announce a new app that we’ve released on Curiosity today that enables just that: Intelligence.


Intelligence unlocks the potential inferences to be made from the sea of information on Curiosity, with insightful and actionable metrics like:

  • The number (and names) of students with low attendance
  • The Best and Worst performing students & groups in the institute
  • Which classes are the least attended
  • How many excused absences have been granted, and for which students
  • Are there any communications from Parents that have not been replied to in the Lobby
  • Which subject has the most activity in the Library

and 19 other Inference Cards.


A quick look at Term not Granted or the consistently Low Scoring Students Inference Cards will give an agenda for any counseling sessions that the Institute head may decide to facilitate to assist underperforming students to do better.

It doesn’t stop there. As we continue to add apps and features to Curiosity, Intelligence will grow to reflect new metrics that become relevant. Institute heads, of course, know their operations better than us and we look forward to their ideas for Inference Cards to make their life easier.


Intelligence is already live and available to the heads of institutes. Institute heads may go to Intelligence under the Apps menu on Curiosity, to get a pulse on their institutes!