Happy days, happy days!!!

Jan 16, 2014
Tarun Markose

Today was such a happy day for all of us at Teemac!

Symbiosis Law School – Noida, with no prompting from us, decided to try a novel new use for The Banyan Tree! Their idea was to start involving everyone at the campus for taking certain decisions at the institute by using the polls feature of the application. And by everyone, I mean everyone – students, faculty, staff, even parents and other angels who were registered on Curiosity. To start with, the institute decided to throw open the decision of what the annual student fest should be called.

Imagine our glee when we saw this poll in the afternoon!

The post saw amazing levels of engagement! Within hours of posting, there were 14 conversation threads running in parallel, debating this name over that, strategies for effective branding and more. 420 voters took part in the poll before it closed at midnight. Even better, as all this was unfolding, the wonderful people we work with at SLS-Noida were on the phone with us, as excited as we were, observing the experiment unfold in all its glory!

Dr. Rawandale, the Director of Symbiosis Law School – Noida, plans to use The Banyan Tree to involve the community in many more decisions in the future. We are grateful to be working with him and his progressive team towards better education!

Moments like these… they make our work meaningful.