For easy and effective administration.

Automate admissions processes
Citizens automatically emails all the members in your merit list, prompting them to complete their admission by filling out personal, eligibility, and payment information online. Citizens reduces the work required of your staff significantly as all they have to do it verify the eligibility and payment details.

Manage Student Information
Managing information on all the members at your institute can be quite a hassle, with information strewn across multiple computers and software packages. Citizens solves this problem by making it trivial to centrally store, manage and report information about all the people at your institute.

Use Checklists to track Admission Eligibility and Documentation
Often, there are many documents and processes that need to be completed by each candidate before they are eligible for a confirmed admission. Citizens has an intuitive checklist by which you can track what documents and processes are pending or completed. You can even generate reports… for example, you may want to find every student who is still yet to submit their transfer certificate.

Store multi-category payment information,  guardian details, and backlogs
Citizens can remember payments collected from students under multiple categories. You can also store guardian details and mark the contacts that have been confirmed to avoid incorrect contact information. Course backlogs can also be recorded under each student.

Manage student rosters under Streams, Courses and Groups.
Create Streams (B.Sc Economics, M.Sc Economics), Courses (Introduction to Economics), and Groups (Batch of 2013 – Division A). Assign teachers and students to each group. All this on an intuitive, super speedy interface or just copy and paste from Microsoft Excel if you prefer. These groups will be used to track attendance and evaluations and to post announcements.

Filter, sort and export customisable reports to Microsoft Excel
Citizens comes with a strong reporting module with which you can generate comprehensive reports using any of the information recorded. While many commonly used templates are included, our operations team will assist you by designing any specific report template that you may need and include it within your installation at no additional cost.

Audit trails and case-histories
Citizens automatically tracks every action performed on any member. You can later visit Trails to see the case history of a student from when they were invited for admission via the merit list, until they graduate. Your staff members can also leave comments on each student to collaborate with each other.

Flag and set reminders on each student
Gave a student 2 days to submit an important document? Keep him in your flagged list, or set a reminder and you won’t forget!