Changing Education Paradigms

Nov 29, 2013
Tarun Markose

Sir Ken Robinson has always been an inspiration for us. This captivating RSA-Animate video is based on a talk he gave about Changing Paradigms in Education – why public education systems around the world need a revolution.

We have a system of education that is modeled on the interest of industrialism and in the image of it. School are still pretty much organized on factory lines — ringing bells, separate facilities, specialized into separate subjects. We still educate children by batches. Why do we do that?

Divergent thinking isn’t the same thing as creativity. I define creativity as the process of having original ideas that have value. Divergent thinking isn’t a synonym but is an essential capacity for creativity. It’s the ability to see lots of possible answers to a question, lots of possible ways to interpret a question, to think laterally, to think not just in linear or convergent ways, to see multiple answers, not one.