Involve parents in the right way with their child’s education.

An Angel is anybody who is interested in the progress of a student at your institute. That can be a parent, a sibling, a mentor or a sponsor. Angels can create Angel accounts and gain access to some special functionality in Curiosity. They can also learn as much from your students as your students can learn from their guidance and experience.
Reassure Parents with Information on their Child
Using Angels on Curiosity, parents can track their child’s attendance, evaluation scores, or even strike up conversations with the faculty and staff. This flow of information will reassure them that their child is in good hands and give you good word of mouth amongst the tech-savvy parents of today.
Easy Signup
The signup process for each parent is very easy – the parent can create an account with his or her registered email address. Curiosity already knows which child’s details have to be served and so the parent can get started in less than a minute.
Collect Angel Information and Generate Reports
During the application process, details like Place or Work, Designation, Country, City etc can be collected and reports can be prepared on them. You can use this information to build networks with corporates that can be utilized for placing your students, recruiting guest faculty or even optimizing your marketing campaigns.

What can Angels do?

Access to Attendance and Evaluations
Angels have access to the attendance and evaluations of their children for each course they have enrolled in. They can view this information on charts and see how they have been progressing.
Participate in The Banyan Tree
Angels can participate in the learning discussions at The Banyan Tree. They can ask interesting questions, provide their experience and insights as answers to students or participate via polls and votes. Imagine students having access to all the knowledge and experience available from each other’s parents!
Participate in The Library
Angels can upload notes, presentations and share interesting things from the internet at The Library. Or they can sign in to learn something new from the students everyday!
Participate in The Amphitheatre
Administrators can post official announcements at the Amphitheatre that are meant only for angels and nobody else. Parents too can use the amphitheatre to post community announcements or participate in them.
The Lobby
The Lobby is an optional forum that you can provide to parents to interact with staff members and faculty. This allows them to take up their concerns and ideas that they may have with you and your team.