A New Way to Look at Attendance

Mar 19, 2013
Ishan Ahuja

Attendance over Time

To our representation of a learner’s attendance, we’ve added the dimension of time. Now while viewing attendance, not only can one see what their current attendance is at that point, but the progression of their attendance through the semester: per subject, as well as cumulatively across subjects. We use colour to express details like

  • Acceptable Attendance (Above 75%) – Green
  • Low Attendance (Below 75%)  – Red
  • Excused absence granted – Purple, with a reason mentioned.

It is immediately clear whether one’s attendance is trending up or down, and makes it possible to locate and perhaps avert dips as they are about to occur, or do what is possible to make up for it.

Group-wise Attendance

In addition to this, we have updated the group listing to display rich information in a clean, sensible way, without leading to any cognitive overload. At one glance, you can see details like the range of dates for which attendance has been recorded, the number of sessions held vs recorded, the subjects that may be getting a CNG, when (and if) the attendance in a subject dipped below 75%, etc.

Attendance Blocks

This is a significant change in the way attendance is reported and should help further clarify how a learner is performing, and where there is room for improvement.